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Netbooks are small, stripped-down laptops that are inexpensive ($400-ish) and lightweight (3 lb). A Taiwanese company called ASUS first introducing the netbook, the Eee-PC, which has captured the market since 2007. Sales of netbooks increased from 182,000 in 2007 to 11m in 2008, and will reach 21m in 2009. Many famous PC makers are dedicated in making(More)
Asian Pacific has become a rapidly growing tourism region and turn into the second best performing region in the world since 2001. Over the last decade, the average annual growth rate of international tourist visit Asia and the Pacific had reached 7.1% between 2000 and 2005. However, the decision of where to go for international tourists would be influenced(More)
The service quality is the core element which effects the customer satisfaction and willingness to purchase. Many companies are searching for solutions of providing higher service quality that fist customer needs in the rapid changing global market. The quality function deployment (QFD) is a cross-functional planning tool that maintaining product quality or(More)
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