Nai-Ching Wang

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FACETS (Framework Application for Core-Edge Transport Simulations), now in its second year, has achieved its first coupled core-edge transport simulations. In the process, a number of accompanying accomplishments were achieved. These include a new parallel core component, a new wall component, improvements in edge and source components, and the framework(More)
Studies of contrast sensitivity of the human eyes show that logarithmic curves obey the Weber-Fechner law of just noticeable difference response in human perception. In this paper, we propose a local contrast enhancement algorithm with logarithm-based curves for both high dynamic and low dynamic images and this algorithm can adaptively change the curvature(More)
Intensity-pair distribution was recently proposed to enhance the contrast of an image. There are several parameters provided in that algorithm for users to control the enhancement. With a proper combination of parameters, the algorithm provides satisfying contrast enhancement without noise amplification, unnatural look, and other common drawbacks that are(More)
To form and test hypotheses and finally produce conclusions, people use existing schemas to search a pool of data for evidence. The quality of the search largely depends on the quality of connections between the schemas and the data. Making good connections between schemas and unprocessed data is challenging because it is time-consuming and may require(More)
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