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Researchers have devised a physics-based method to reproduce intricate mixing patterns of two miscible liquids. A small drop of one liquid descends in an initially still surrounding liquid, such as an ink drop sinking in water. Modeling the drop as a particle swarm, the researchers reduce the miscible-liquid-mixing problem to that of liquid--particle(More)
In this paper, an interactive medical image visualization system to support medical therapy has been introduced, where 3D organ model with the corresponding medical image is visualized interactively for diagnosis and surgical planning. To show effectiveness of the proposed system, 3D liver model generated from CT data has been utilized in consideration of(More)
A new method deforms a 3D liver mesh in an arbitrary phase of respiration. During preprocessing, the method step defines a patient-specific deformation space using two polar shapes of the liver during respiration. 3D magnetic resonance imaging captures patient livers during exhaling and inhaling. Next, using a fully automated nonrigid mesh registration,(More)
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