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This paper describes two methodologies applied to the author profiling task submitted to the PAN 2013 competition of the CLEF 2013 conference. The first methodology was applied only to the English language, whereas the second one was executed only over the corpus written in Spanish language. The aim was to evaluate the performance of both methodologies in(More)
The growing use of information technologies such as mobile devices has had a major social and technological impact such as the growing use of Short Message Services (SMS), a communication system broadly used by cellular phone users. In 2011, it was estimated over 5.6 billion of mobile phones sending between 30 and 40 SMS at month. Hence the great importance(More)
—In this paper, we propose the application of the Tree Edit Distance (TED) for calculation of similarity between syntactic n-grams for further detection of soft similarity between texts. The computation of text similarity is the basic task for many natural language processing problems, and it is an open research field. Syntactic n-grams are text features(More)
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