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The metabolism of benzo(a)pyrene (BP) in epidermal keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts of humans and mice was investigated with emphasis on variation among species, individuals, and cell types. Human epidermal and dermal cells were isolated from the skin of normal subjects by trypsinization at 4 degrees overnight, followed by separation of the epidermis(More)
BACKGROUND Zinc has a wide spectrum of biological activities and its deficiency is related to various abnormalities of cell metabolism. METHODS Wistar male rats, at age of 4 weeks, were fed a low-zinc diet for six weeks. The levels of bromodeoxyuridine incorporated into the prostatic DNA and the mRNA expression levels of prostate thymidylate synthase and(More)
The expression of P1450 and P3450 genes isolated from C57BL26 mouse liver in mouse hepatocytes from responsive (BALB/c, C3H/He, C57BL/6, and CBA) and nonresponsive (AKR, DBA/2, NZB, and NZW) strains in primary culture after exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons was investigated with respect to aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase (AHH) activity and corresponding P450(More)
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