Nahmkeon Hur

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Ferroelectric and magnetic materials are a time-honoured subject of study and have led to some of the most important technological advances to date. Magnetism and ferroelectricity are involved with local spins and off-centre structural distortions, respectively. These two seemingly unrelated phenomena can coexist in certain unusual materials, termed(More)
Blood flow velocity is an important determinant of vascular hemodynamics. The aim of the present study was to determine the mean flow velocities (MFVs) of cerebral arteries in patients with ischemic stroke, comparing lacunar and nonlacunar infarctions. 388 consecutive patients were examined for lacunar infarction, other subtypes of ischemic stroke, and the(More)
image viewing comfort is one of the main problems that should be solved before the mass market proliferation of stereoscopic 3D content services. Recent research suggests that motion-in-depth could play a more important role in generating visual discomfort than lateral motion on vertical and horizontal axes in stereoscopic 3D displays [1,2,3]. However,(More)
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