Nahla Barakat

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Over the last decade, rule-extraction from neural networks (ANN) techniques have been developed to explain how classification and regression are realised by the ANN. Yet, this is not the case for support vector machines (SVMs) which also demonstrate an inability to explain the process by which a learning result was reached and why a decision is being made.(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate diagnosis of acute kidney injury (AKI) is problematic especially in critically-ill patients in whom renal function is in an unsteady state. AIM Our aim was to evaluate the role of serum (S.) cystatin C as an early biomarker of AKI in critically-ill children. SUBJECTS AND METHODS S. creatinine and S. cystatin C were measured in 32(More)
Classification performance of different algorithms can often be improved by excluding irrelevant input features. This was the main motivation behind the significant number of studies proposing different families of feature selection techniques. The objective is to find a subset of features that can describe the input space, at least, as good as the original(More)
BACKGROUND Probiotics are becoming increasingly popular treatment for children diarrhea. Although there are several probiotic strains potentially useful, researches were often limited to certain strains. AIM To test Bifidobacterium lactis on morbidity of acute diarrhea in children less than 2 years. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A randomized double-blind(More)
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