Nahil Jain

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The recent approval granted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the use of ultra-wideband signals for vehicular radar applications has provided a gateway for the introduction of these sensors in the commercial arena as early as 2004. However, the rules governing the allowable spectral occupancy create significant constraints on the sensors'(More)
Large cities with multi-modal traffic systems are complex that need to be understood to help analyze and make policy decisions. Understanding such complex systems requires simulation, experimentation and observation. We have built a MUST system to simulate big cities with multi-modal traffic system with large number of agents (humans), each participating in(More)
A country's economy depends upon the power generation and consumption, so to deploy it (power) is a topic of interest and importance. Today power factor measurement devices are implemented so as to reduce the power wastage as it is one of the sources of energy. All the electrical transmission system that are designed for power transmission must have the(More)
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