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This study assessed plasma lipids and other cardiovascular risk factors in adolescents in a developing Latin American country and compared those risk factors to those of adolescents in the United States of America, where the risk of heart disease is high. In a cross-sectional study, data were collected from September 1998 to April 1999 on 161 Costa Rican(More)
BACKGROUND Acute gastroenteritis remains a common condition among infants and children throughout the world. In 1996, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revised its recommendations for the treatment of infants and children with acute gastroenteritis. AIM The purpose of this survey was to determine how closely current treatment among Lebanese(More)
This study investigated blood lead (PbB) and hemoglobin (HbB) levels in 88 children (42 females and 46 males; ages: 2-15 years; mean age: 7.2) with chronic Pb exposure, living in a highly Pb-contaminated Andean village at above 2800 meters. The mean PbB level for 88 venous blood samples was 43.2 microg/dl (SD: 25.1; range: 6.2 - 128.2 microg/dl) measured by(More)
Respiratory tract infection is a major cause of hospitalization in children. Although most such infections are viral in origin, it is difficult to differentiate bacterial and viral infections, as the clinical symptoms are similar. Multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods allow testing for multiple pathogens simultaneously and are, therefore,(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchiolitis is a potentially life-threatening respiratory illness commonly affecting children who are less than two years of age. Patients with viral lower respiratory tract infection are at risk for co-bacterial infection. AIM The aim of our study was to evaluate the use of C-reactive protein (CRP) in predicting bacterial co-infection in(More)
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