Nahid Saberi

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Internal switches in all-photonic networks do not perform data conversion into the electronic domain, thereby eliminating a potential capacity bottleneck, but they introduce network scheduling challenges. In this paper we focus on scheduling fixed-length frames in all-photonic star-topology networks. We describe the Fair Matching (FMA) and Equal Share (ESA)(More)
This paper describes a framework for fixed-length frame scheduling in all-photonic networks with large propagation delays. We introduce the Fair Matching Algorithm (FMA), a novel scheduling approach that results in weighted max-min fair allocation of extra demands, achieves zero rejection for admissible demands, and minimizes the maximum percentage(More)
We introduce an intelligent system to optimize a team composition based on the team's historical outcomes and apply this system to compose a surgical team. The system relies on a record of the procedures performed in the past. The optimal team composition is the one with the lowest probability of unfavorable outcome. We use the theory of probability and the(More)
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