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BACKGROUND Physicians report that they fail to counsel patients about physical activity due to a lack of practical tools, time, reimbursement, knowledge, and confidence. This paper reports concurrent and criterion validation of the Physical Activity Assessment Tool (PAAT), designed to rapidly assess patient physical activity in clinical settings and reduce(More)
Most central people have more influence on business communication, knowledge diffusion, viral marketing and some other fields over other persons in a social network. Networks for which digital information is available such as email communication, phone call etc., one can easily find central actors using social network analysis tools. But for networks where(More)
AIMS End-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients on dialysis are perceived to have difficult-to-control blood pressure (BP) and commonly treated with complex antihypertensive regimens. Our hypothesis was that peri-dialysis BP will overestimate the true burden of hypertension in these patients. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We performed 44-h ambulatory blood pressure(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging area in recent days where large scale data needs to be processed even in developing and under developed countries. We have proposed a cloud structure which uses abandoned hardware along with high performance devices based on user traffic to minimize the cloud access cost named as BanglaCloud. We have done extensive study on(More)
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