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Residue burning in rice-wheat cropping system: causes and implications
Residue burning causes nutrient and resource loss and adversely affects soil properties, thus calling for improvement in harvesting technologies and sustainable management of RWS. Expand
Greenhouse gas emissions from municipal solid waste management in Indian mega-cities: a case study of Chennai landfill sites.
CH4 emission estimates were found to be about 0.12Gg in Chennai from municipal solid waste management for the year 2000 which is lower than the value computed using IPCC, 1996 [IPCC, 1996] methodologies. Expand
Electrospun chitosan–polyvinyl alcohol composite nanofibers loaded with cerium for efficient removal of arsenic from contaminated water
Contamination of water due to arsenic has been extensively reported all over the world. It has led to massive epidemics of arsenic poisoning. An urgent need is being felt to develop efficientExpand
Fiber grating sensors in medicine: Current and emerging applications
A review of various application areas of fiber grating based devices, the status of precedent and ongoing research around the world, and discussion on the issues hampering their rapid growth in the field are reviewed. Expand
Methane emission estimation from landfills in Delhi: A comparative assessment of different methodologies
Abstract Landfills are important anthropogenic sources of methane (CH4) emission especially in fast urbanizing countries. This paper presents the CH4 emission estimations carried out using theExpand
ZnO decorated luminescent graphene as a potential gas sensor at room temperature
We present a simplistic single step synthesis and a detailed study of the remarkable room temperature gas sensing and photoluminescence (PL) properties of zinc oxide (ZnO) decorated graphene oxideExpand
A study for development of emission factors for trace gases and carbonaceous particulate species from in situ burning of wheat straw in agricultural fields in india
Abstract Major crops subject to field burning of crop residue (FBCR) generated an estimated 284 Tg of residue in India, of which 40% was contributed by wheat in the year 2000. About 7.5% of thisExpand
Effect of soil temperature on methane emission from paddy fields
Abstract Methane emission measurements using the closed chamber method from Indian paddy fields, specially prepared to study the effect of soil temperature, indicate a definite increase in methaneExpand
A process for the selective removal of arsenic from contaminated water using acetate functionalized zinc oxide nanomaterials
This research article deals with the uptake of arsenic from contaminated water using acetate functionalized zinc oxide (ZnO) nanomaterials. The ZnO nanomaterials of various sizes (6–60 nm) have beenExpand
Immobilization of enzyme on long period grating fibers for sensitive glucose detection.
Glucose oxidase (GOD) immobilized long period grating (LPG) fibers have been proposed for the specific and sensitive detection of glucose. The treatment of LPG fibers with aminopropyl triethoxysilaneExpand