Nagy I. Elkalashy

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SUMMARY Modelling of a high-impedance arcing fault due to a leaning tree in medium voltage (MV) networks was experimentally verified and the network transients due to this fault were also investigated. Even though the tree had a very high resistance value, the initial transients were periodically caused by the arc reignitions after each zero-crossing. In(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, the initial transients due to arc reignitions associated with high impedance faults caused by leaning trees are extracted using discrete wavelet transform (DWT). In this way, the fault occurrence is localized. The feature extraction is carried out for the phase quantities corresponding to a band frequency 12.5–6.25 kHz. The detection(More)
A new numerical algorithm for the analysis of single line to ground faults on short overhead transmission lines is presented in this paper. It is based upon synchronized sampling at two line ports, and an accurate fault model including the arcing phenomena and tower footing resistance at the fault point. The core of the algorithm is an efficient(More)
An experimental analysis is performed to evaluate Rogowski coil performance for PD (partial discharge) location on overhead CC (covered-conductor) distribution lines. The measuring set-up is arranged in high voltage laboratory. A multi-end measuring method is chosen as a technique to locate PD source point on the line. A power transformer is used to(More)
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