Nagwa El-Ibiari

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Based on successful preliminary bench scale experimental studies for treatment of industrial wastewater contaminated by nitrocellulose, a pilot plant is constructed for results assessment. Bench scale experimental work proved 55%, 73% recovery of nitrocellulose without and with chemical addition respectively within 10 min flotation compared to 35%, 69%(More)
Alternative renewable energy is considered the optimal solution to solve the global energy crisis. Biofuel is one of the promising alternatives; especially that are produced from microalgae. Microalgae have the potential to produce 5000 – 15000 gallons biodiesel/ (acre-year). However, there are challenges; these include high yield of biomass and high lipid(More)
The goal of this study is to reduce the production cost of biodiesel, so we used non edible oil (castor seeds oil) which has a unique structure; suitable for biodiesel production and has lower cost compared to other biodiesel from other vegetable oils. Reactive extraction via ultrasonicassisted process was used offering the potential for shorter reaction(More)
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