Nagul Cooharojananone

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—In this paper, we propose a method to detect and identify commercial films from broadcast videos by using Temporal Occurrence Pattern (TOP). Our method uses the characteristic of broadcast videos in Japan that each individual commercial film appears multiple times in broadcast stream and typically has the same duration (e.g., 15 seconds). Using this(More)
Generating short summary videos for rushes is a challenging task due to the difficulty in eliminating redundancy and determining the important objects and events to be placed in the summary. Redundancy elimination is difficult since repetitive segments, which are takes of the same scene, usually have different lengths and motion patterns. This makes(More)
Reviewing video surveillance contents for security monitoring is a time-consuming and time-limiting task. This paper presents a real-time video surveillance summarization framework intended for minimizing the time requirement for time critical tasks, based on compact moving objects in time–space. A tunnel is proposed as an individual time-dimension object.(More)