Nagraj G Huilgol

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Monolayers at air-liquid interfaces offer a convenient model for understanding the behavior of many natural systems like biological membranes. Langmuir monolayers were used to characterize the interfacial properties of tissue homogenates, organic phases and aqueous phases of tissue biopsy samples from 30 patients of cervical cancer and 15 normals. Our(More)
BACKGROUND Failure of treatment of cancer in clinic by radio/chemotherapy is generally attributed to tumor resistance. It is, therefore, important to develop strategies to increase the cytotoxicity of tumor cells by radiation in combination with new tumor selective cytotoxic agents. We describe the role of ellagic acid (EA) and gamma radiation on the(More)
Laser Doppler velocitometry is novel non-invasive technique to assess cutaneous microcirculation. Patients undergoing radiation therapy for head and neck cancer with convention and accelerated fraction action were evaluated under normal condition before and after radiation. A total of 70 sites in group A (conventional fractionation) and 35 sites in group B(More)
This study evaluates the potential of ellagic acid (EA) as an enhancer of radiation-induced apoptosis in cancer cells. HeLa cells treated with EA and gamma radiation showed increased superoxide generation, upregulated p53 protein expression, and decreased antioxidant enzymes. We also found that EA and radiation enhance capase-3 activity via oxidative(More)
BACKGROUND The profiles of lipids in normal and cancerous tissues may differ revealing information about cancer development and progression. Lipids being surface active, changes in lipid profiles can manifest as altered surface activity profiles. Langmuir monolayers offer a convenient model for evaluating surface activity of biological membranes. AIMS The(More)
A significant frequency of mutations (six missense and one silent) was found, for the first time, at the coding region of the bak gene (exons 3, 4 and 6) in 42 carcinomas of the uterine cervix, while no mutations were detected in 32 non-neoplastic cervix tissues. Bak mutations were observed more frequently in the advanced stage and mutated cancer tissues(More)
AIM To determine whether any changes in gross tumor volume occur between pre treatment MRI and week 5 MRI in high grade gliomas treated by conformal radiotherapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between July 2003-July 2005, 17 patients with WHO grades 3 and 4 malignant gliomas treated with conformal radiotherapy to a total dose of 60 Gy were included in this(More)
The temperature dependence of Langmuir monolayers of normal and cancerous human cervical tissues and their organic phases between temperatures of 37 and 45 degrees C was evaluated. Analysis of the surface pressure-area isotherms revealed significantly different increase in fluidity of the cancerous cervical tissue monolayer at 42 degrees C as opposed to the(More)
BACKGROUND Neurocognitive effects following whole-brain and partial-brain irradiation can cause considerable morbidity. Sparing of neural stem cells (NSCs) is proposed as an avenue for reducing the long-term radiation-induced defects in learning, memory, and intelligence. We performed an analytical study to spare the NSC from partial-brain irradiation by(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the penetration of paclitaxel in normal as well as cancerous human cervical monolayer membranes and to compare these results with the paclitaxel penetration in a model dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) monolayer. At physiologically relevant surface pressures of 30 mN/m, equilibrium drug penetration was(More)