Nagraj Emmadi

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We developed an interactive voice response (IVR) system called TAMA (Treatment Advice by Mobile Alerts) that provides treatment support to people living with HIV / AIDS (PLHA) in developing countries, who are on antiret-roviral therapy (ART). We deployed TAMA with 54 PLHA in 5 HIV clinics in India for a period of 12 weeks. During the study, we gathered(More)
Swarachakra is a text input method developed for Indic scripts on touch-screen devices. Swarachakra uses a logically ordered design based on the structure of Indic scripts. Swarachakra displays the consonants sequenced according to the logical structure of Indic scripts, phonetically grouped and arranged in a grid similar to those found in most school(More)
As part of an ongoing standardization effort, we were asked to evaluate Marathi text input mechanisms on smartphones. We undertook a between-subject longitudinal evaluation of four existing keyboards with 153 novice users who participated for 31 sessions each, spread over 3--4 weeks. In this paper, we present the empirical results of the performance of(More)
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