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BACKGROUND Several clinical and laboratory observations point to the possible microscopical affection of normal-looking skin in leprosy. OBJECTIVE This study was carried out to verify the microscopical affection of apparently normal-looking skin in different types of leprosy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study included 50 patients with different clinical(More)
We evaluate the correlation between the plasma level of C-reactive protein (CRP) in patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) and hypertension and to set up whether the CRP level affected by the treatment of vardenafil 10 mg orally once daily. A total of 116 male patients with ED and hypertension were enrolled in this prospective study. The patients were(More)
Methimazole was administered orally and rectally in a single dose of 60 mg to six euthyroid volunteers (three females and three males). Blood levels of methimazole were the same whether administered by the oral or rectal route, with peak levels of 1184 +/- 118 and 1163 +/- 150 (+/-SEM) ng/ml respectively. This study provides evidence that the rectal(More)
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