Nagihan Kücükyildiz

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The World Health Organization calls tobacco use the single most preventable cause of premature death, presenting both a personal health risk and an increased load on public healthcare systems. However, smoking cessation is often hindered by the low perceivability of health risks and unawareness of habits in day-to-day life, and effective smoking cessation(More)
The monitoring of sleep by quantifying sleeping time and quality is pivotal in many preventive health care scenarios. A substantial amount of wearable sensing products have been introduced to the market for just this reason, detecting whether the user is either sleeping or awake. Assessing these devices for their accuracy in estimating sleep is a daunting(More)
Data transmission from small-scale data loggers such as human activity recognition sensors is an inherent system's design challenge. Interfaces based on USB or Bluetooth still require platform-dependent code on the retrieval computer system, and therefore require a large maintenance effort. In this paper, we present LedTX, a system that is able to transmit(More)
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