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T To ow wa ar rd d a a S Sy ys st te em mi ic c N No ot ti io on n o of f I In nf fo or rm ma at ti io on n: : P Pr ra ac ct ti ic ca al l C Co on ns se eq qu ue en nc ce es s Abstract Our main purpose in this paper is to start a process of a systemic definition of the notion of information and to provide some initial practical consequences of it. We will(More)
We will try, in this initial draft, to initiate a process for a continuous clarification of the notion of Engineering. This is an unfinished and, in our opinion, an unfinishable defining process, because Engineering is evolving as institution, profession, and concept. To describe Engineering is also an evolving process which can be made continuously clearer(More)
Communication is fundamental in scientific practice and an integral part of academic work. The practice of communication cannot be neglected by those who are trying to advance scientific research. Effective means should continuously be identified in order to open channels of communication within and among disciplines, among scientists and between scientists(More)