Naghmeh Ghafari

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Context-Bounded Analysis has emerged as a practical automatic formal analysis technique for fine-grained, shared-memory concurrent software. Two recent papers (in CAV 2008 and 2009) have proposed ingenious translation approaches that promise much better scalability, backed by compelling, but differing , theoretical and conceptual advantages. Empirical(More)
We present a framework for verifying safety properties of parameter-ized systems. Our framework is based on a combination of Abstract Interpretation and a backward-reachability algorithm. A parameterized system is a family of systems in which n processes execute the same program concurrently. The problem of parameterized verification is to decide whether(More)
Systems consisting of several finite components that communicate via unbounded perfect FIFO channels (i.e., FIFO systems) arise naturally in modeling distributed systems. Despite well-known difficulties in analyzing such systems, they are of significant interest as they can describe a wide range of communication protocols. In this article, we study the(More)
We describe a collaborative effort in which the HOL4 theorem prover is being used to formally verify properties of a structure within the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) machine protection system at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). This structure, known as Successive Running Sums (SRS), generates the primary input to the decision logic(More)
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