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In comparison with hard clustering methods, in which a pattern belongs to a single cluster, fuzzy clustering algorithms allow patterns to belong to all clusters with differing degrees of membership. This is important in domains such as sentence clustering, since a sentence is likely to be related to more than one theme or topic present within a document or(More)
Security is becoming a critical part of organizational information systems. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is an important detection that is used as a countermeasure to preserve data integrity and system availability from attacks. The main reason for using Data Mining Classification Methods for Intrusion Detection Systems is due to the enormous volume of(More)
Aluminum chloride addition results in a self-organized TURN-ON fluorescence of 3-hydroxyflavone (3HF) by a complexation reaction in MeOH and subsequent ligand exchange reaction with fluoride or acetate ions causes a fluorescence TURN-OFF of this complex, delivering a quantitative estimation route for fluoride and acetate ions. The ternary complex of 3HF(More)
We show that the dynamics of transmission control protocol (TCP) may often be chaotic via a quasiperiodic route consisting of more than two independent frequencies, by employing a commonly used ns-2 network simulator. To capture the essence of the additive increase and multiplicative decrease mechanism of TCP congestion control, and to qualitatively(More)
We study the effects of noise on the Lorenz equations in the parameter regime admitting two stable fixed point solutions and a strange attractor. We show that noise annihilates the two stable fixed point attractors and evicts a Hopf-bifurcation-like sequence and transition to chaos. The noise-induced oscillatory motions have very well defined period and(More)
Rhabdomyosarcomas (RMSs) are a group of soft-tissue malignant tumours. They derive from primitive skeletal muscle tissue with head and neck as its principle location. These tumours are extremely rare in adults and it is believed to have a different natural course, treatment response, and prognosis. The invasiveness of tumour, metastasis, lymph node(More)
Recently, it was reported that the relationship of the Indian southwest monsoon rainfall with El Niño– Southern Oscillation (ENSO) has weakened since around 1980. Here, it is reported that in contrast, the relationship between ENSO and the northeast monsoon (NEM) in south peninsular India and Sri Lanka from October to December has not weakened. The mean(More)
The present work attempts to evaluate the functionality of an ellipsoidal head designed and fabricated for improved hydrodynamic performance of a high speed under water vehicle, which is predominantly used in defense applications. The importance of proper geometric shape for head portion of an under water vehicle is studied by the performance evaluation of(More)