Nageshwar Chauhan

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OBJECTIVE To determine nasopharyngeal colonization rates of two vaccine preventable bacterial pathogens Hemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), and Streptococcus pneumoniae (Pneumococcus), antibiotic susceptibility of isolates, factors associated with their colonization, and immunization history in a cohort of HIV infected children. METHODS The authors(More)
A 2-month-old infant presented to our emergency department with fever, altered consciousness, and focal seizures of acute onset. He had vesicular skin lesions over the right preauricular region. CT brain showed a large hypodense lesion involving the left temporo-parietal region, left basal ganglia and left thalamus. MRI brain revealed bilateral multifocal(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate bacterial associations of S. pneumoniae, S. aureus, and H. influenzae in the nasopharynx of ambulatory children with HIV infection. METHODS A cross-sectional nasopharyngeal swab survey of 148 children with HIV infection from West Bengal presenting for routine outpatient care was conducted. RESULTS Forty-one (28 %) children(More)
Though various advantages associated with the use of letrozole as an ovulation inducing drug are documented, there is inadequate information regarding its effect on endometrial receptivity. Expression of endometrial receptivity markers including αvβ3 integrin, L-selectin, LIF, and pinopods during the implantation window in infertile women stimulated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To document the immunization rates, factors associated with incomplete immunization, and missed opportunities for immunizations in children affected by HIV presenting for routine outpatient follow-up. METHODS A cross-sectional study of immunization status of children affected by HIV presenting for routine outpatient care was conducted. RESULTS(More)
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