Nagesh Tamarapalli

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This paper discusses practical issues involved in applying logic built-in self-test (BIST) to four large industrial designs. These multi-clock designs, ranging in size from 200K to 800K gates, pose significant challenges to logic BIST methodology, flow, and tools. The paper presents the process of generating a BIST-compliant core along with the logic BIST(More)
Currently with Teseda Corporation, Portland, OR 97205, USA Abstract This paper introduces Embedded Deterministic Test (EDT) technology, which reduces manufacturing test cost by providing one to two orders of magnitude reduction in scan test data volume and scan test time. The EDT architecture, the compression algorithm, design flow, experimental results,(More)
This paper presents the impact of multiple-detect test patterns on outgoing product quality. It introduces an ATPG tool that generates multiple-detect test patterns while maximizing the coverage of node-tonode bridging defects. Volume data obtained by testing a production ASIC with these new multipledetect patterns shows increased defect screening(More)
This paper presents a flow for using logic diagnosis to turn production material into vehicles for yield learning. High throughput logic diagnosis is combined with the newly emerging field of design for manufacturing to enable layout aware diagnosis. The ability of the flow to calculate feature failure rates and the application of the failure rates for(More)
This paper discusses the adoption of Embedded Deterministic Test (EDT) at Infineon Technologies as a means to reduce the cost of manufacturing test without compromising test quality. The System-onChip (SoC) design flow and the changes necessary to successfully implement EDT are presented. Experimental results for three SoC designs targeted for automotive,(More)