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A Comparative Study on Aphrodisiac Activity of Some Ayurvedic Herbs in Male Albino Rats
The present results support the folklore claim for the usefulness of these herbs and provide a scientific basis for their purported traditional usage. Expand
A Review on Plants Used for Improvement of Sexual Performance and Virility
A number of herbal drugs have been validated for their effect on sexual behavior and fertility and can therefore serve as basis for the identification of new chemical leads useful in sexual and erectile dysfunction. Expand
Evaluation of the Anabolic, Aphrodisiac and Reproductive Activity of Anacyclus Pyrethrum DC in Male Rats
Investigation of aqueous extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum DC of Ayurvedic system of Indian medicine for its effect on sexual behavior, spermatogenesis, and sperm count found it had a dose dependent influence on sperm count and seminal fructose concentration which increased significantly. Expand
Spilanthes acmella ethanolic flower extract: LC-MS alkylamide profiling and its effects on sexual behavior in male rats.
The orally administered ethanolic extracts of the Spilanthes acmella flower had a dose dependent positive effect on mounting frequency, intromission frequency and ejaculation frequency and the most significant effects were observed at 150mg/kg treatment, even after a lapse of 7 and 14 days of discontinuance of drug treatment. Expand
Effect of Carum carvi and Curcuma longa on hormonal and reproductive parameter of female rats
The female albino rats after oral administration of different doses of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Carum carvi and Curcuma longa, showed a significant antifertility activity. Expand
Effect of Curculigo orchioides rhizomes on sexual behaviour of male rats.
A pronounced anabolic and spermatogenic effect was evidenced by weight gains of reproductive organs and enhanced attractability towards female in rats treated with ethanolic extract of rhizomes. Expand
An updated review on the parasitic herb of Cuscuta reflexa Roxb.
A detailed survey of the literature on pharmacognosy, phytochemistry and traditional and biological medicinal uses of C. reflexa is presented. Expand
Hair Growth: Focus on Herbal Therapeutic Agent.
This review presents an overview on plants identified to possess hair growth activity in various ethno-botanical studies and surveys of tradition medicinal plants. It also highlights the developmentsExpand
Influence of Withania somnifera on obsessive compulsive disorder in mice.
Administration of aqueous extracts W. somnifera (AEWS) and MEWS (50 mg/kg) successively decreased the marble burying behavior activity without affecting motor activity, comparable to standard fluoxetine, ritanserin and parachlorophenylalanine. Expand
Effect of Citrullus colocynthis Schrad fruits on testosterone-induced alopecia
The petroleum ether extract of C. colocynthis and its isolate is useful in the treatment of androgen-induced alopecia and exhibited promising hair growth-promoting activity, as reflected from follicular density, A/T ratio and skin sections. Expand