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— Integral expressions of electromagnetic (EM) field components due to a large circular loop source carrying an alternating (ac) current and placed on or above the surface of a layered earth model are transformed to such suitable forms that facilitate numerical computation of field response in quasi-static as well as non-quasi-static regions. The improper(More)
The object-oriented paradigm is fast growing acceptance in the software industry. But, the powerful features of this new paradigm also introduce a set of Object Oriented software testing and maintenance problems. This problem can be handled by various approaches but there is an obvious need of complete study of problem and step-by-step solution. So to cover(More)
This paper presents an analytical review of approaches used by different authors. Coverage information is very important for finding redundancy in test cases. Test redundancy detection reduces the costs of testing and maintenance of software. A redundant test case is a useless part of test suite and it increases the testing cost and test suite size. There(More)
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