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Shear localisation in granular materials has been studied radiographically and microscopically. Thin columns and rows (lines) of lead silicate granules of distinct colour were embedded in a large hollow cylindrical specimen of granular materials, and a series of X-ray photographs were taken to capture the local micromechanical response during shear(More)
Novel robust hydrophones were fabricated by depositing hydrothermally synthesized lead zirconate titanate polycrystalline film on the back-side surface of a titanium plate. These hydrophones were resistant to damage during the measurement of the high-intensity acoustic field formed by a high-intensity focused ultrasound transducer driven continuous wave,(More)
—Regenerated skin with complete organ structure is desired for the treatment of large burn and for the plastic surgery. High frequency ultrasound is suitable for non-destructive testing of such skin models because it can obtain both morphological and biomechanical information in non-invasive manner. A specially developed acoustic microscope system with the(More)
operated stably after more than 500h. In conclusion, we obtained a nearly round FFP in the 650nm band wavelength using the S3-laser. The laser had good I-L characteristics and good reliability at lOmW and 60°C. We consider that the laser could be of use as a light source in optical disk systems. and TERAMOTO, I.: 'Novel technology for formation of a narrow(More)
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