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Analysis of Exertion with Relative Grading Mechanism in Academics Using Computational Technique
Though grades were initially meant to serve various pedagogical purposes, grading systems remain controversial and hotly debated when those doesn’t give recompensing results and some argued that grades are psychologically harmful. Expand
Semantic Web-Based Framework for Scientific Workflows in E-Science
The main objective of the proposed work is to develop the framework which assists the scientific community to test and deploy the scientific experiments with the help of ontologies, service repositories, web services and scientific workflows. Expand
Application of Computational Technique to Assess the Performance of Staff for Sustainable Business
Human resource is one of the most important component of any organization. Human Resource Management with reference to human resource planning and human resource development in order to enhance theExpand
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay B . Tech Project Stage I Web Crawling and IR
Web Crawling is the first and foremost stage in any web Information Retrieval system. Though the basic architecture appears simple, there are many optimizations that should be done to hardwareExpand
Using Intelligent Communication System (ICT) to Solve a Problem of Enroute Confirmation of Wait Listed Tickets in Indian Railways
Rail transport is one the prominent modes of transportation with reference to goods as well as passenger’s movement in any Economy. Indian Railways also played important role in Economic developmentExpand