Nagarajan Surendran

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Recent advances in network bandwidth and processing power of CPUs has led to the emergence of multimedia streaming frameworks, such as NetShow, Realvideo and Vxtreme. These frameworks typically rely on proprietary stream establishment and control mechanisms to access multimedia context. To facilitate the development of standards-based distributed multimedia(More)
The low energy dynamics of the anti-ferromagnetic Heisenberg spin S chain in the semiclassical limit S → ∞ is known to map onto the O(3) nonlinear σ model with a θ term in 1+1 dimension. Guided by the underlying dual symmetry of the spin chain, as well as the recently established topological significance of “dangling edge spins,” we report an exact mapping(More)
Facial expression recognition is a key aspect in the synthesis of adaptive human machine interfaces. If advanced expression recognition techniques are developed, machines can tailor their response to the feelings of their users. In this paper, we describe an algorithm which integrates Optical flow analysis and Support Vector Machines (SVM) to classify eight(More)
An automated solid-phase extraction workstation was used to develop, characterize and validate two separate HPLC methods for quantifying drugs in plasma. Method development was facilitated by workstation functions which allowed wash solvents of varying organic composition to be mixed and tested automatically. The precision estimates for the two methods were(More)
The objective of this research was to develop a rapid, sensitive and reliable method for the separation of phosphonodipeptide prodrugs and parent compounds to facilitate the evaluation of cell permeation using in vitro cell culture models. Separation was accomplished isocratically within 10.0 min using a C18 (150x4.6 mm I.D., 3 microm) reversed-phase(More)
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