Nagarajan Sukavanam

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This paper proposes a new adaptive neural network based control scheme for switched linear systems with parametric uncertainty and external disturbance. A key feature of this scheme is that the prior information of the possible upper bound of the uncertainty is not required. A feedforward neural network is employed to learn this upper bound. The adaptive(More)
For a four wheeled mobile robot a trajectory tracking concept is developed based on its kinematics. A trajectory is a time–indexed path in the plane consisting of position and orientation .The mobile robot is modeled as a non holonomic system subject to pure rolling , no slip constraints.To facilitate the controller design the kinematic equation can be(More)
The application of quadratic optimization and sliding-mode approach is considered for hybrid position and force control of a robot manipulator. The dynamic model of the manipulator is transformed into a state-space model to contain two sets of state variables, where one describes the constrained motion and the other describes the unconstrained motion. The(More)