Nagarajan Krishnamurthy

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The speciation and determination of sulfate (SO4(2-)) and elemental sulfur (S degree) in zinc sulfide (ZnS) using ion-chromatography (IC) and reversed-phase liquid chromatography (RPLC) respectively is described. Three sample pretreatment approaches were employed with the aim of determining sulfate: (i) conventional water extraction of the analyte; (ii)(More)
We derive upper and lower bounds on the communication complexity of determining the existence of pure strategy Nash equilibria for some classes of stochastic games. We prove that pure equilibria of single controller stochastic games and those of SER-SIT (Separable Reward - State Independent Transition) games correspond to those of bimatrix games that are(More)
Determining a Nash equilibrium in a 2-player non-zero sum game is known to be PPAD-hard (Chen and Deng, 2006 [5], Chen, Deng and Teng 2009 [6]). The problem, even when restricted to win-lose bimatrix games, remains PPAD-hard (Abbott, Kane and Valiant, 2005 [1]). However, there do exist polynomial time tractable classes of win-lose bimatrix games-such as,(More)
A novel fully automated radiosynthesis procedure for [(18)F]Fluoromisonidazole using a simple alumina cartridge-column for purification instead of conventionally used semi-preparative HPLC was developed. [(18)F]FMISO was prepared via a one-pot, two-step synthesis procedure using a modified nuclear interface synthesis module. Nucleophilic fluorination of the(More)
The quenching of 2,5-diphenyloxazole (PPO) fluorescence by nucleotides has been investigated by electronic absorption and steady state fluorescence spectra. Five purine nucleotides AMP, ADP, ATP, GMP and dGMP, one pyrimidine nucleotide UMP and one dinucleotide NAD have been employed in the present study. Electronic absorption studies indicate that there is(More)
Electron donor-acceptor molecular complexes of a few phenolic donors with some quinonoid and tetracyanoethylene acceptors have been prepared by two different methods, i.e., by simple grinding of the respective component pair in the solid-state and in solution. Both the methods yielded identical dark colored 1:1 stoichiometric complexes. Spectral studies(More)
Enzymatic synthesis of alpha-(32)P and alpha-(33)P labelled deoxyribonucleotides involves the transfer of radiolabelled phosphorus from either gamma-(32)P adenosine triphosphate (gamma-ATP) or gamma-(32)P guanosine triphosphate (gamma-GTP). Subsequent removal of these ribonucleotides is essential for the preparation of chemically pure deoxyribonucleotides.(More)
The quenching of firefly bioluminescence (BL) in presence of xanthene dyes and tetratolylporphyrin was investigated. The BL intensity was quenched with an altered decay pattern in presence of xanthene dyes and tetratolylporphyrin. The electronic absorption spectra indicate that there is no significant interaction occurring between the dyes and the BL(More)
Social Clouds have been gaining importance because of their potential for efficient and stable resource sharing without any (monetary) cost implications . There is a need, however, to look at how a social structure or relationship evolves to build a Social Cloud (by identifying factors that affect the social structure) and how social structure impacts(More)