Nagaraja Perumal

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Ant colony optimization (ACO) technique is proposed to solve the mobile robot path planning (MRPP) problem. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of ACO in solving the MRPP problem, several maps of varying complexity used by an earlier researcher is used for evaluation. Each map consists of static obstacles in different arrangements. Besides that, each(More)
This paper presents a compensating system for the harmonics and the reactive power using four-leg shunt active power filter (SAPF) in a three-phase four-wire distribution network and aims to minimize the harmonics and neutral current. Two control approaches p-q theory based hysteresis current control and load current detection based hysteresis current(More)
This paper presents the design of linear permanent magnet generator for wave energy conversion. The main focus is to design a linear generator which is simple, lightweight and produce 1000 W electric power. Various types of linear generators are studied such as; Transverse flux, vernier-hybrid and iron-cored. The air-cored linear permanent magnet generator(More)
A hand home-based rehabilitation system which is interactive, portable and affordable, equipped with the ability in qualitative and quantitative diagnosis on muscle performance and strength is reported in this paper. The therapy system utilizes the concept of game-based therapy which aims to develop interest of patient. The hardware input module has a(More)
Robotic rehabilitation is overtaking traditional rehabilitation, since it ensures exercises are practiced accurately with flexibility in the degree of assistance that the patients require. Nevertheless, robotics rehabilitation is automatic and can become monotonous, hence, disengage the patient. Although Serious Games are an excellent approach to engaging(More)
This paper presents the modeling and simulation of three and seven-level cascade multilevel converter (CMC) based dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) and distribution static compensator (D-STATCOM), aimed at correcting the supply voltage sag/swell and interruption in low voltage distribution networks. The proposed design models of CMC based DVR and D-STATCOM are(More)
This paper proposes a novel convertible unified power quality conditioner (CUPQC) by employing three voltage source converters (VSCs) which are connected to a multi-bus/multi-feeder distribution system to mitigate current and voltage imperfections. The control performance of the VSCs is characterized by a minimum of six circuit open/close switches(More)
This paper proposes a novel custom power controller named as generalized unified power quality conditioner (GUPQC) based on cascade multilevel converter (CMC) for power quality improvement of a distribution system by using both five-level and three-level CMC. In a multi-bus, three independent feeders distribution system, the load reactive power and current(More)
This This paper presents a compensating system for the harmonic currents, the reactive power and source neutral conductor current in three-phase four-wire distribution system by using a five-level cascaded H-bridge voltage source inverter (CHB-VSI) based shunt active power filter (SAPF). A controller based on the d-q-0 theory (synchronous reference frame)(More)