Nagaraja Deeplanaik

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Pigeonpea, a drought tolerant, semi-arid pulse crop has been investigated for the expression of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) under drought stress. The cDNA library of soybean leaf tissue retrieved from the Unigene database of the NCBI, were compared for in silico expression using IDEG6 web statistical tool. A list of 52 non-redundant DEGs(More)
Panama wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (Foc) is one of the major disease constraints of banana production. Previously, we reported the disease resistance Musa paradisiaca cv. puttabale clones developed from Ethylmethanesulfonate and Foc culture filtrate against Foc inoculation. Here, the same resistant clones and susceptible clones were(More)
The current reach of genomics extends facilitated identification of microbial virulence factors, a primary objective for antimicrobial drug and vaccine design. Many putative proteins are yet to be identified which can act as potent drug targets. There is lack and limitation of methods which appropriately combine several omics ways for putative and new drug(More)
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