Nagako Kawashima

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Nicotiana tabacum is believed to have arisen after hybridization of Nicotiana sylvestris with a species in the Tomentosae section of the genus Nicotiana. Recent biochemical experiments have confirmed the conclusions from previous cytogenetic studies that N. sylvestris was the maternal parent and have indicated that Nicotiana tomentosiformis was the paternal(More)
Identification of epitopes for integrin-blocking monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) has aided our understanding of structure-function relationship of integrins. We mapped epitopes of chicken anti-integrin-α8-subunit-blocking mAbs by mutational analyses, examining regions that harboured all mapped epitopes recognized by mAbs against other α-subunits in the(More)
The partial amino acid sequences of the small subunit of Fraction 1 protein from N. sylvestris, N. tomentosiformis and N. tabacum were determined. The sequence of N. sylvestris is NH2. Gln-Val-Trp-Pro-Pro-Ile-Asn-----Tyr COOH. In the sequence up to the 7th amino acid and C-terminus, differences were only found at the 6th position in the three species, where(More)