Naga Sandhya Guntaka

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Nonribosomal peptide synthetases are large, complex multidomain enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of a wide range of peptidic natural products. Inherent to synthetase chemistry is the thioester templated mechanism that relies on protein/protein interactions and interdomain dynamics. Several questions related to structure and mechanism remain to be(More)
Art Suzanne M. Boissy Professor Ellen C. Schwartz Suzanne Valadon: Voler de Ses Propres Ailes Suzanne Valadon’s career as an artist defied not only propriety but also the odds of her circumstances. Her idiosyncratic work subverted social and artistic conventions while recording the realities of her world. She claimed her right to represent herself and the(More)
Colibactin is a genotoxic hybrid nonribosomal peptide/polyketide secondary metabolite produced by various pathogenic and probiotic bacteria residing in the human gut. The presence of colibactin metabolites has been correlated to colorectal cancer formation in several studies. The specific function of many gene products in the colibactin gene cluster can be(More)
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