Naftali A. Langberg

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At any age the mean residual life function gives the expected remaining life at that age. Reliabilists and biometricians have found it useful to categorize failure distributions by the monotonicity properties of the mean residual life function. Hollander and Proschan (1975, Biometrika 62, 585-593) have derived tests of the null hypothesis that the(More)
It can be seen that a mixture of an exponential distribution and a gamma distribution with increasing failure rate for the right choice of parameters can yield a distribution with a bathtub-shaped failure rate. In this paper we consider a continuous mixture of exponentials and a continuous mixture of gammas with increasing failure rates and show that the(More)
We present autoregressive (AR) and autoregressive moving average (ARMA) processes with bivariate exponential (BE) and bivariate geometric (BG) distributions. The theory of positive dependence is used to show that in various cases, the BEAR, BGAR, BEARMA, and BGARMA models consist of associated random variables. We discuss special cases of the BEAR and BGAR(More)
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