Nafsika Smith

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Nine Greek preschool children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) were compared to age-matched (CA) and language-matched (LA) typically-developing children on their production of a) third person object clitic pronouns, b) definite articles and c) genitive possessive clitics, through novel picture-based elicitation tasks. The aims were to examine whether(More)
Specific Language Impairment (SLI) is a developmental language disorder in which affected individuals fail to acquire language according to age-expected levels, in spite of typical development in other areas; they have normal non-verbal intelligence and socio-emotional development, no presence of motor speech disorders and no hearing difficulty or evident(More)
Learners of most languages are faced with the task of acquiring words to talk about number and quantity. Much is known about the order of acquisition of number words as well as the cognitive and perceptual systems and cultural practices that shape it. Substantially less is known about the acquisition of quantifiers. Here, we consider the extent to which(More)
Napoleon Katsos, Maria-José Ezeizabarrena, Anna Gavarró, Jelena Kuvač Kraljević, Gordana Hrzica, Kleanthes Grohmann, Athina Skordi, Kristine Jensen de López, Lone Sundahl, Angeliek van Hout, Bart Hollebrandse, Jessica Overweg, Myrthe Faber, Margreet van Koert, Chris Cummins, Nafsika Smith, Maigi Vija, Sirli Parm, Sari Kunnari, Tiffany Morisseau, Kazuko(More)
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