Nafis A K Ahmed

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Sleep helps emotional memories consolidate and may promote generalization of fear extinction memory. We examined whether extinction learning and memory might differ in the morning and evening due, potentially, to circadian and/or sleep-homeostatic factors. Healthy men (N = 109) in 6 groups completed a 2-session protocol. In Session 1, fear conditioning was(More)
A common treatment for anxiety disorders is chronic administration of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as fluoxetine. Recent data suggest that SSRIs modulate fear responses after conditioned fear extinction and that gonadal hormones influence fear extinction. In this study we investigated the influence of sex and the estrous cycle on the(More)
Growth factor-dependent neurons die when they are deprived of their specific growth factor. This "programmed" cell death (PCD) requires macromolecular synthesis and is distinct from necrotic cell death. To investigate the mechanisms involved in neuronal PCD, we have studied the sequence of events that occur when a neuronal cell line (F-11: mouse(More)
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