Nafeesa N Dhalwani

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is now being used as a smoking cessation aid during pregnancy, although little is known about fetal safety. We assessed the relationship between early pregnancy exposure to NRT or smoking with major congenital anomalies (MCA) in offspring. METHODS We studied 192,498 children born in the United(More)
BACKGROUND Studies in the USA and Canada have reported increasing or stable rates of hospital admissions for hypoglycaemia. Some data from small studies are available for other countries. We aimed to gather information about long-term trends in hospital admission for hypoglycaemia and subsequent outcomes in England to help widen understanding for the global(More)
BACKGROUND United Kingdom (UK) national guidelines recommend that all pregnant women who smoke should be advised to quit at every available opportunity, and brief cessation advice is an efficient and cost-effective means to increase quit rates. The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) implemented in 2004 requires general practitioners to document their(More)
OBJECTIVES To report the methods used to assemble a contemporary pregnancy cohort for investigating influences on smoking behaviour before, during and after pregnancy and to report characteristics of women recruited. DESIGN Longitudinal cohort survey. SETTING Two maternity hospitals, Nottingham, England. PARTICIPANTS 3265 women who attended antenatal(More)
BACKGROUND Multimorbidity has become one of the main challenges in the recent years for patients, health care providers and the health care systems globally. However, literature describing the burden of multimorbidity in the elderly population, especially longitudinal trends is very limited. Physical activity is recommended as one of the main lifestyle(More)
BACKGROUND Given the health impacts of smoking during pregnancy and the opportunity for primary healthcare teams to encourage pregnant smokers to quit, our primary aim was to assess the completeness of gestational smoking status recording in primary care data and investigate whether completeness varied with women's characteristics. As a secondary aim we(More)
AIMS To evaluate risk factors for hospital admissions for hypoglycaemia and compare length of hospitalization, inpatient mortality and hospital readmission between hypoglycaemia- and non-hypoglycaemia-related admissions. MATERIALS AND METHODS We used all admissions for hypoglycaemia in individuals with diabetes to English NHS hospital trusts between 2005(More)
STUDY QUESTION What are the age-specific incident rates of clinically recorded fertility problems in women aged 15-49 years and how do they vary by socioeconomic group and geographic area. SUMMARY ANSWER The incident rate of recorded fertility problems was highest in women age 30-34 years: about 1% of women per annum. Overall rates did not vary by(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Studies have associated infertility with celiac disease. However, these included small numbers of women attending infertility specialist services and subsequently screened for celiac disease, and therefore may not have been representative of the general population. We performed a large population-based study of infertility and celiac(More)
BACKGROUND Licensing arrangements for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in the UK were broadened in 2005 to allow prescribing to pregnant smokers. However, estimates of NRT prescribing in pregnant females in the UK are currently lacking. AIM To assess trends in NRT prescribing around pregnancy, and variation in prescribing by maternal characteristics. (More)