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This study employed Sampson’s multilevel system model to investigate how individualand neighborhood-level residential characteristics are related to individuals’ civic participation. Furthermore, this study examined whether the effects of communication variables on civic participation vary depending on these residence-related factors. The findings show the(More)
The effect of mechanical impact on the polymorphic transformation of mefenamic acid (MFA) and the formation of a solid dispersion of mefenamic acid, a poor glass forming/poorly-water soluble compound, with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) K12 was investigated. The implication of solid dispersion formation on solubility enhancement of MFA, prepared by cryomilling,(More)
Montmorillonite is a multifunctional clay mineral and a major component of bentonite. Montmorillonite has been used in various industrial and pharmaceutical fields due to its unique characteristics, which include swelling and adsorption. The high adsorption capacity of montmorillonite contributes to increase drug entrapment and sustained-release of drugs.(More)
LJ-2698, a highly potent human A3 adenosine receptor antagonist with nucleoside structure, was designed to have a minimal species dependence. For further pre-clinical studies, analytical method for the detection of LJ-2698 in rat plasma was developed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass. Plasma samples were processed by protein precipitation method with(More)
A simple and sensitive analytical method for the quantitative determination of buspirone in rat plasma by HPLC with fluorescence detection was developed and validated using naproxen as an internal standard. A relatively small-volume (150 µL) aliquot of rat plasma sample was prepared by a simple deproteinization procedure using acetonitrile as a(More)
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