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A new simple chronoamperometry methodology was developed for the ultrasensitive determination of lead ions using a PEDOT:PSS coated graphite carbon electrode. The polymer was directly coated on a graphite carbon electrode and characterized using simple cycle voltammetric measurements. The presence of lead ions induced a cathodic peak starting at -550 ± 10(More)
Highly selective mercury detection at partially oxidized graphene/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly (styrenesulfonate) nanocomposite film-modified electrode Partially oxidized graphene flakes (po-Gr) were obtained from graphite electrode by an elec-trochemical exfoliation method. As-produced po-Gr flakes were dispersed in water with the assistance of
Cultivating anodic respiring bacteria (ARB) on anodes doped with metal-enhanced biological growth and affected higher electocatalytic activity (ECA). The anode doped with calcium sulfide (CaS) proved more favorable for ARB than the magnetite (Fe3O4) or iron(II) sulfide (FeS). Average anodic current densities of 8.4 Am2- (Fe3O4), 11.1 Am2- (FeS), and 22.0(More)
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