Naeim A. Henein

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This paper investigates the effect of air inlet temperature on the auto-ignition of fuels that have different CN and volatility in a single cylinder diesel engine. The inlet air temperature is varied over a range of 30 ° C to 110 ° C. The fuels used are ultra-lowsulfur-diesel (ULSD), JP-8 (two blends with CN 44.1 & 31) and F-T SPK. Detailed analysis is made(More)
AIM Symmetry is a property established in many human biological systems and it is reasonable to expect that it may also exist in the mouth. The objective of this study was to examine whether there is a similar left-to-right distribution in periodontal disease. METHOD Records of 197 patients from the Periodontics department of The Royal Dental Hospital of(More)
<lb>SPRAY CHARACTERIZATION OF FLEX-FUEL GASOLINE DI INJECTORS<lb>AND SPRAY INTERACTION WITH CHARGE MOTION<lb>IN A VARIABLE VALVE ACTUATION ENGINE<lb>by<lb>ATSUSHI MATSUMOTO<lb>May 2012<lb>Advisor: Dr. Ming-Chia Lai<lb>Major: Mechanical Engineering<lb>Degree: Doctor of Philosophy<lb>The objective of this study is to understand the characteristics of GDI(More)
The Felodipine Atherosclerosis Prevention Study is designed to evaluate the efficacy of the calcium antagonist felodipine ER and combined felodipine/simvastatin therapy on retarding the progression of atherosclerosis, estimated by serial changes in coronary calcium evaluated by noninvasive electron beam computed tomography. Subjects include 180 men and(More)
GREEN DIESEL PRODUCTION VIA CATALYTIC<lb>HYDROGENATION/DECARBOXYLATION OF TRIGLYCERIDES AND FATTY<lb>ACIDS OF VEGETABLE OIL AND BROWN GREASE<lb>by ELVAN SARI<lb>August 2013<lb>Advisor: K. Y. Simon Ng, PhD<lb>Co-Advisor: Steven O. Salley, PhD<lb>Major: Chemical Engineering<lb>Degree: Doctor of Philosophy Increase in the petroleum prices, projected increases(More)
Problems resulting from the use of low-Cetane Number (CN) JP-8 in military diesel engines are mainly caused by the poor autoignition quality of the fuel that requires a long period between the start of injection and the start of combustion. A detailed analysis of the processes which occur during the ignition delay period clearly shows that the start of(More)
EFFECT OF INTAKE TEMPERATURE AND BOOST PRESSURE ON THE AUTO-<lb>IGNITION OF FUELS WITH DIFFERENT CETANE NUMBERS AND VOLATILITIES<lb>by CHANDRASEKHARAN JAYAKUMAR August 2013<lb>Advisor: Dr. Naeim A. Henein<lb>Major: Mechanical Engineering<lb>Degree: Doctor of Philosophy The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of air inlet temperature and(More)