Naeem Raza Khawaja

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Among the new microtubule-targeted agents, the epothilone family of molecules has shown promising anticancer potential, and clinical trials are currently underway for patupilone (epothilone B) in various cancer indications. In this study, we characterized novel aspects of patupilone's cellular action that may underlie its potent cytotoxicity in human(More)
The main objective of this study was to assess the practice at retail pharmacies in Pakistan and to compare the same in rural and urban areas. The maintenance of pharmacy and drug inspectors' visit was also assessed. This cross sectional study was conducted in Abbottabad, Pakistan during October-November, 2012. A sample of 215 drug sellers or drug stores(More)
Present study was carried out regarding enzymatic assay for 5'-nucleotidase enzymes present in snake venom Naja naja karachiensis and to evaluate twenty eight medicinal plants as their antidotes. Elevated enzymatic activities i.e., 119, 183, 262 and 335 U/mL were observed in 10, 20, 30 and 40 µg of crude venom, respectively, in dose dependent manner. Among(More)
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