Naeem Al-Oudat

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Congestion on roads may lead to a catastrophe, especially for those large urban areas. Accordingly, different intelligent traffic-control methodologies had been implemented based on a variety of technologies such as DSP (Digital Signal Processing), WSNs (Wireless Sensors Networks), Image processing, etc. The design process depends on different factors such(More)
Traffic control and management is a major problem in many cities, especially in growing and big cities. Traffic signals solve the problem of traffic conflict on intersection by time division multiplexing. The efficiency of traffic flow through an intersection depends on the phases, sequence and the timing of the traffic signals. Due to randomness, traffic(More)
Heterogeneous distributed real-time systems are continuously evolving to realize many emerging mission critical applications, e.g., battle field vision systems. In such systems, there often exists a tradeoff between quality of results and security of task execution while satisfying real-time constraints. In this paper we consider a set of dependent(More)
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