Nae-Gyu Kang

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The viscosity of highly concentrated protein solutions was evaluated using lysozyme as model protein. Viscosity profiles of lysozyme were examined with the effect of buffer and pH-value at various concentrations. The viscosity of lysozyme dissolved in water increased continuously with the concentration as the slope of shear stress against shear rate(More)
1. There are four isoenzymes of PLC-␤, ␤1–␤4, but their functions in vivo are not known. Here we investigate the role of PLC-␤1 and PLC-␤4 in the brain by generating null mutations in mice: we found that PLC␤1 −/− mice developed epilepsy and PLC␤4 −/− mice showed ataxia. We determined the molecular basis of these phenotypes and show that PLC-␤1 is involved(More)
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