Nadzeya Brezhneva

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Polyelectrolyte block copolymer micelles assembled thin film is switched in response to local photocatalytic reactions on titanium dioxide, resulting in a layer of variable height, stiffness in response to visible light irradiation. Preosteoblasts migrate toward stiffer side of the substrates.
An understanding of the nature and conditions of nonlinear processes in open systems is important for modulation of the microstructure of solids at a new level of complexity. We demonstrate that cavitation generated by high intensity ultrasound (HIUS) triggers nonlinear processes in microparticles and layers of titanium. We reveal a non-monotonic dependence(More)
In this work perspectives of a high intensity ultrasound nanostructuring of a titanium surface have been shown. A possibility of a crystal size regulation is determined by the sonication duration and a nature of the electrolyte used. It is interesting to note that the change in crystal size of titanium is not monotonous. There are crystallite size(More)
It is attractive to control the properties of macro objects and films by employing simple nanolayer composites, as in the case of nanoarchitectured Layer-by-Layer (LbL) coating. In this paper, we use chitosan as a surface-based pH buffer to protect adsorbed supramolecular fibres from pH-mediated disassembly. Protons are generated on a titania surface under(More)
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