Nadjmeh Doostdar

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We investigated a series of derivatized fullerenes possessing alcohol, amine, and amino acid pendant groups as inhibitors of the zinc enzymes carbonic anhydrases (CAs, EC We discovered that fullerenes bind CAs with submicromolar-low micromolar affinity, despite the fact that these compounds do not possess moieties normally associated with CA(More)
A database has been derived from recently reported [60]fullerene derivatives, and their binding scores with HIV-1 PR have been computed using docking techniques. Computational methods have been used to predict which derivatives may have high binding affinities, and for these compounds biological tests have been performed with purified PR. Experimental(More)
Calcific band keratopathy (CBK) is a degenerative condition resulting in the deposition of calcium salts in the superficial layers of the cornea and causing significant visual disturbance and pain of the affected eye. Unfortunately, the amount of CBK precipitates recovered from the affected eye is very small therefore; it would be beneficial to prepare a(More)
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