Nadja Reinhardt

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An optically initiated hollow cathode electron source has been demonstrated to produce high brightness electron beams in a low pressure background gas. Three phases of beam production have been identified, first a 1A, 20nsec, 45keV, 10<sup>10</sup>A/m<sup>2</sup> rad<sup>2</sup> initial beam, second a 70A, 100nsec, 20keV, 10<sup>11</sup>A/m<sup>2</sup>(More)
Recent advances in high power switching have led to the development of new hydrogen thyratrons operating at high pulse-repetition rate (PRR) and high di/dt with low jitter and long life. Short commutation times, dependent on internal pressure and geometry, and on the method of triggering, combine with inductance less than ¿ nH/kV to give di/dt on the order(More)
A hydrogen thyratron capable of switching 40 kV and 40 kA in repetitive bursts at the 1-MW average power level is described. Major design problems were obtaining the necessary forward and inverse holdoff capability and controlling the thermal and mechanical effects of the several kilowatts of operating dissipation encountered at this power level. A(More)
Food shortages often threaten central Tanzania. Sustainable action adapted to local environmental conditions is desperately needed. In the framework of the TransSEC project, two food value chains in the Dodoma region of Tanzania were inspected in order to make propositions for improvement , spanning from soil preparation to product consumption. Therefore,(More)
A BLT switch with performance capabilities suitable for particle accelerator systems including fast kicker magnets has been demonstrated. With careful design of pulse forming networks and triggering circuits, the performance required by the SSC LEB kickers could be obtained with the BLT switch. The high current capability allows the possibility of driving(More)
The Back Lighted Thyratron with a SuperEmissive Cathode (BLT-SEC) has unique advantages of high peak current, small size, very low heater power, and prompt warm-up compared to conventional hydrogen thyratrons. These characteristics make it suitable for many modern applications such as anti-missile radar, space borne weapons systems, pollution control pulse(More)
An instant-starting hydrogen thyratron is described which incorporates a cathode requiring no warmup time, no standby power, and no separate heater power supply. Starting cold, time jitter is less than 1 ns; anode delay time is less than200 ns; and the 0-30-s anode delay time drift is less than 100 ns. The cathode is a self-heating design made of(More)
We report the results of a program to develop hermetically scaled back lighted thyratron switches for high voltage and high current operation. Initial results with a single gap switch include switching >80kA maximum holdoff voltage of 72kV when pulse charged, and 17.5 kV, 60kA, 40kA reverse, 400nsec pulse at 5Hz. Using multiple gap switches we have obtained(More)
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