Nadja Hattebuhr

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BACKGROUND GP2015 is a proposed etanercept biosimilar. OBJECTIVES To demonstrate equivalent efficacy, and comparable safety and immunogenicity of GP2015 and the etanercept originator (ETN, Enbrel® ) in patients with moderate-to-severe chronic plaque-type psoriasis. METHODS In total, 531 eligible patients were randomized 1 : 1 to self-administer GP2015(More)
The Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchanger (NCX) may influence cardiac function depending on its predominant mode of action, forward mode or reverse mode, during the contraction-relaxation cycle. The intracellular Na(+) concentration ([Na(+)](i)) and the duration of the action potential as well as the level of NCX protein expression regulate the mode of action of NCX.(More)
Address for correspondence: Prof. Dr. med. Robert H.G. Schwinger, M.D., Laboratory of Muscle Research and Molecular Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine III, University of Cologne, Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. 9, 50924 Cologne, Germany, telephone: 0049-221-478-3138, fax: 0049-221-478-3746, Email: Articles in PresS. Am J(More)
Sorcin (SOR), an EF-hand Ca(2+)-binding protein, interacts with the sarcolemmal proteins Annexin VII and L-type Ca(2+)-channel and with the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) Ca(2+)-release channel (ryanodine-receptor, RYR), and has been implicated to influence the intracellular Ca(2+)-homeostasis. The present study aimed at investigating the effects of increased(More)
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