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Intraoral and panoramic radiographs were made of 35 patients with progressive systemic sclerosis. Of those patients, 13 (37%) were found to have abnormally thickened periodontal ligament spaces. Six of the 35 demonstrated mild to significant resorption of the posterior mandibular angle. Three patients, including two showing angle resorption also had some(More)
OBJECTIVE Little is known about the prevalence and correlates of eating disorders (ED) in middle-aged women. METHOD We mailed anonymous questionnaires to 1,500 Austrian women aged 40-60 years, assessing ED (defined by DSM-IV), subthreshold ED, body image, and quality of life. We broadly defined "subthreshold ED" by the presence of either (1) binge eating(More)
Recently, data have become available pertaining both to the estimated somatic hazard from exposure of populations to low doses of ionizing radiation and to the extent of exposure resulting from dental radiography. This has made possible an estimation of the somatic hazard to the United States population from dental radiography. It is concluded that the(More)
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